The Answer Is Never

I think that your thoughts and emotions are very brave and understandably abrasive. I have similar experiences with choosing to not be married. Though when people approach me or share their ideas I am not one to avoid confrontation and I enjoy using the opportunity to educate people. I admire your choice and I’m sorry that people challenging and questioning your choice appears to have made it harder to endure. I think children are the actual number one reason for divorce and most peoples discontent with their own lives but no one is bravely self aware enough to admit it. 🙂 I also think a lot of people use the excuse of providing for children as a handicap for not accomplishing what they were ultimately too lazy or mediocre to achieve anyway. No doubt this makes me sound…(fill in the blank)…but it’s a sad fact that all the wrong people seem to be procreating en mass. Forget 1984 or Brave New World, idiocracy here we come.


Sabine Heinlein | Longreads | April 2015 | 16 minutes (3,886 words)

One time, when I was in my early twenties, I shared a hospital room with a mother of many. I had a skin infection that wouldn’t respond to oral medication, and the 50-something-year-old woman had severe, inexplicable hives. Our main topic of conversation revolved around neither of our ailments. It was about my not wanting to have children. She was insistent, which seemed ironic considering her hives flared up whenever her family visited her on Sundays. I eventually compromised with the woman. Okay, I said, I will put off my decision until I reach my thirties. “You are starry-eyed,” she huffed. “You young women want it all. But you can’t have it all!” Maybe, I thought, some of us don’t want it all.

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